Me At Doly Sods, WV

Whether I backpack for a day hike, or do several days along the trail, I am always enriched by the beauty and wonders of nature and the amazing vistas I discover along every trail.

As a youngster, I was introduced to backpacking in the Boy Scouts. Unfortunately, as I grew older and began my career, I lost touch with this passion. Like a lot of men, I got tangled up with working, earning a living, raising a family and all the things we do in the world. In my later years, I had the chance to take a few day hikes with my wife and young family and the passion quickly returned.

In my years of trekking, I have used a lot of products to support my passion. Some I got from military surplus and others from outfitters and sporting goods stores….. some great and some not so.

In my backpacking experiences, I have learned a few things along the way and made some mistakes related to equipment, planning, preparation and whatnot. So, I thought it would great to share some of what I have learned and give back in some small way so that everyone could benefit.


One of my lifetime goals has always been to hike the Appalacian Trail from Georgia to Maine. I always wanted to experience the challenges and thrills of a “Through-Hiker.” There is a genuine sense of personal satisfaction and an enormous increase in one’s self-confidence after accomplishing such a challenge.

However, one need not backpack great distances, over many weeks, to experience the thrills and the enrichment that a wilderness trek can offer.

Sadly for me, the job and the demands of the family didn’t permit me to embark on a long distance hike. However, I’ve been content with simple day hikes and a few other longer backpacking adventures.

Now that I am nearing retirement, and I still have my health, I’m returning to the wilderness more and more. My wife and I share the same passions for wilderness treks so its really nice to return to the woods for those wonderful excursions.


I have come to realize that nature and conservation are truly important to me and hopefully for us all. We can’t appreciate all the wonders and beauty that the wilderness holds for us until we actually get out and experience it for ourselves.

For me, the peace and serenity that the wilderness provides is the greatest way for me to relax and get grounded. I can escape from telephones, traffic, the media and the busy times my routine life typically generate.

Your first excursion into the forests of America may seem a bit intimidating at first, so I thought I could help encourage people, young and old alike, to start small with simple, but enriching day hikes.

I believe that if I share some of my experiences through the years, others will become motivated to venture out for a few excursions of their own. Then, as they gain confidence and experience in the woods, perhaps they will move on to more adventurous journeys.


Why did I open this website? Simple question… Simple answer. I love backpacking along wilderness trails and I hope you all will too.

Be it for an hour, a day, a week or longer, I encourage you all to take time to experience nature up close and discover the wonders and inner peace wilderness backpacking offers. I assure you, your life will be enriched when you can take time out for a walk in the woods.

For those of you who do go out and discover the pleasures and personal enrichment of wilderness trekking, please take some time to share your experiences here for others to read. We would all like to share in your wilderness adventures so send me a post.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Here Is To Your Wilderness Adventures,