My Wilderness Journey
The Autobiography

My Wilderness Journey My Wilderness Journey

"This autobiography is a life-transforming classic and a genuine tort de force to readers, leadership mentors, and soul-winners everywhere in the new global community." - DR. CHUKWUEMEKA EZEIFE (PhD)

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Learn to be completely in charge of your life, take stock of your daily life, and be mindful of life’s journey. When things are not going as programmed, learn to take a holistic step, don’t sit and watch with the hope it shall be well; time awaits nobody. 

Dr. Anthony Obiora Chukwuka


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My Wilderness Journey is a story that is easily relatable, and it is a tale of how the Writer, an only male child, overcame a series of odds stacked against him to reach the apogee of his chosen career. A book with new strands of Truth, values, and perspectives about the young boy with a commendable religious upbringing and a secondary school certificate in 1980 who achieved self-mastery, self-disclosure, and self-enactment in practical business school and education in the best ivory towers around the world.

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Don’t miss the chance to embark on this extraordinary reading adventure with me. “My Wilderness Journey” is more than a book; it’s an invitation to explore, grow, and discover the untamed beauty of hardwork and the indomitable spirit within us all.

Purchase your copy today and begin your own wilderness journey through the pages of this remarkable ebook.

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Chapter 1


It was a brilliant Thursday morning. The sun rose in its majesty rising as it always does from the Oriental axis of young Nigeria, a nation on a gradual but persistent march to becoming a Republic. In the Eastern region, the day was even more symbolic.It was an Eke market day. The Eke market is quite revered in most parts of Igboland, often superseding the following market days of Orie, Afor, and Nkwo. In most Igbo communities, the Eke market day is reserved for sober reflection, a day for meditation.

Some cultural events are often barred on this day. Yet, the day constantly buzzes with activities, especially in our community market square. When the sun rose in complete mockery of the rainy season on this 18th day of July 1963, my father had strong premonitions that it was bound to usher blessings to his family in particular and the whole community at large. Being a teacher, and a firm Christian, he was always positively minded. He was hardly ever wrong in his calculations. And on his reading of this day, he was eloquently prophetic.


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